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Improve usability, accessibility, and intuitiveness of your SaaS product with our deep UX Design expertise


Our Unique Benefits

10+ years of expereince

10+ Years of SaaS Experience

More than a decade in the SaaS industry means we're bringing you proven insights and time-tested strategies.

ROI focus

ROI-focused Approach

We target opportunities with the highest potential, prioritizing recommendations for maximum impact on your bottom line.

Business perspective

Business Perspective

Having launched our own startups, we bring a unique mix of design innovation and business insight with the big picture in mind.

Simple pricing

Simple Pricing

No surprises or headaches, just flat one-time pricing that makes sense and easy for resource planning.

Efficient and Fast

Efficiency and Speed

Quick, smooth, and effective - our approach ensures timely results with a focus on quality, avoiding the pitfalls of a rushed job.



Time zones and tight schedules? No problem. Our flexible approach ensures consistent progress, no matter where you are.

Our Expertise

Usability analysis

Usability & Behavioral Psychology

Expertise in conducting thorough usability evaluations to identify friction points in user interactions, with a focus on enhancing the overall ease of use and user satisfaction.


Accessibility Standards

Specialized knowledge in ensuring SaaS products meet accessibility standards, such as WCAG, making them usable for people with a wide range of abilities, thereby fostering inclusivity.

UX Strategy

User Experience Strategy

Proficiency in devising comprehensive UX strategies that align with business goals, encompassing user journey mapping, task flow analysis, and content strategy to create cohesive and engaging user experiences.

User Research

User Research

In-depth experience in various user research methodologies, from heuristic evaluations to user interviews and surveys, ensuring feedback is effectively translated into actionable UX improvements.



Certified Usability Analyst


Certified Web Accessibility Specialist


Certified Scrum Product Owner


"Kirill is a remarkable UX Designer who consistently thinks big"

Throughout our collaboration, I have been consistently impressed by Kirill's exceptional ability to think big and push the boundaries of user experience design. His visionary mindset and creative problem-solving skills have greatly contributed to the success of many of our projects. Kirill consistently brings a fresh perspective to the table, exploring innovative design concepts that have led to remarkable outcomes.

Hafeez M

Senior Product Manager @ Amazon
"We are lucky to have Kirill on the team!"

Kirill was instrumental in creating an elegant and intuitive workflow for a complex business process. He was very systematic in his approach and garnered early feedback from stakeholders world wide and executive leadership. Kirill was the thought leader in making the product experience Accessible by design.

Rahul S

Principal Product Manager @ Amazon
"Any company would benefit greatly from Kirill's design skills"

Kirill is a thoughtful, talented, and gritty UX Designer, with a deep passion for creating delightful experiences and collaborating with others. Kirill's greatest strength is his ability to reconsider key decisions, iterate, and find an even stronger solution to the problem.

Nick K

UX Research Manager @ WhatsApp
"I would jump at the chance to work with Kirill again"

Kirill led the design of 4 innovative item types that increased measurement while being fully accessible and device equivalent, a candidate journey tracker that is richly informative yet simple enough for candidates with a 6th grade reading level and a variety of language backgrounds to understand (and smile at), a tool to build assessment workflows with complex global variations in configuration and scoring, and more.

Renee B

Senior Research Scientist @ Amazon
"I would not hesitate to work with Kirill again"

I've worked with Kirill twice in my career and each time has been an awesome experience. Kirill is not only talented at his craft, but he is humble, authentic and a great team player. He understands what it means to be an owner - he will diligently work towards solving any problem he owns and take his projects across the finish line. He listens, he demonstrates empathy towards his users and stakeholders and it always shows in the thought behind his work.

Ashish G

Director, Product Management @ Apollo
"I'd be happy to work with him again"

Kirill has an excellent vision of what a good user experience should look and feel like, and was always able to articulate that vision into technical requirements that my team could easily work with. Kirill is able to take a idea designed to delight the user and convey that idea in detail to make it a reality.

Ian S

Project Manager @ Central 1

Our Packages

UX Essentials

Expert review of your product to spot major usability improvements


  • 5-Second Test
  • 50-Point UX Expert Review
  • Key Recommendations Report
Pay Now

UX Advanced

Deep analysis of your product's usability and intuitiveness


  • 5-Second Test
  • Video Cognitive Walkthrough
  • 100-Point UX Expert Review
  • In-depth Recommendations Report
Pay Now

UX Comprehensive

Understand your users and test ideas to refine your product


  • 5-Second Test
  • Video Cognitive Walkthrough
  • 100-Point UX Expert Review
  • Accessibility Review
  • User Interviews (5 Participants)
  • Usability Testing (1 Round)
  • In-depth Recommendations Report
  • UX Strategy Consultation
  • UX Research Strategy Planning
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What is the turnaround time?

Depending on the type of the deliverable and its complexity the time varies. A simple UX review takes 2-3 days, while user interviews and usability testing require more effort and could take 2-3 weeks or more ⏱️

Will I have a dedicated designer or team assigned to my request?

Yes, you will get a dedicated senior UX designer with 17+ years. of experience in Design, User Research, and Product Strategy - me 😎, the founder of UX LLAMA.

How do you handle feedback and iteration during the design process?

We use Trello for requests and feedback. When you receive designs, leave your feedback right in Trello card, and I will proceed to work on the next iteration 🔄

What is the onboarding process?

Choose your preferred package and complete the payment. Next, you will receive an invitation to the project board in Trello where you will be able to submit your requests, and we will keep track of all the work and communication 🚀

What is your approach to handling confidential or sensitive information?

We've worked on a lot of projects with confidential information and following our ethical considerations we respect company's right to keep it this way. If you want us to sign an NDA, not a problem, at all 👌

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

We pride ourselves in high quality work and ethics, and due to the nature of work, we do not offer refunds. We understand that opinions and tastes may differ, and we do our best to make data-driven decisions and get you the best results that will satisfy your customers.